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A Smart, Secure & Scalable Platform for Crime Analytics & Predictions.

A Smart, Secure & Scalable Platform
for Crime Analytics & Predictions.

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The Safera Platform is based on open source technologies and can be hosted on any public or private cloud. It leverages any cloud platform to scale vertically and horizontally. Safera is customizable and extensible to meet the needs of specific use cases of any law enforcement agencies. This makes it future-proof since lessons learned, patterns detected, and observations made for one city can be used and extended for other cities worldwide. The backend infrastructure will also adjust accordingly.

Safera was originally developed for Microsoft Public Safety & National Security Team with the help of subject matter experts on crime data, so it incorporates all practical considerations and needs of the end-users. For example, law enforcement and public safety agencies are not comfortable with having all data in the cloud but realize the cloud’s advantages – Safera’s hybrid model enables all data to remain on-premise but to migrate effortlessly, on a needs basis, to a private or public cloud.

Salient Features

  • Takes days to deploy in an enterprise environment

  • Much cheaper than building custom platform and solutions

  • Leverages latest cloud technologies for scalability and reliability

  • Easy to integrate, assemble, and develop customized applications

  • Provides comprehensive analytical capabilities

  • Predicts crime patterns for efficient deployment of public safety resources.

  • Provides simple means of analyzing data using natural language querying abilities

  • Ability to build comprehensive prediction models – ex: Ability to detect anomalies in electricity usage patterns.

  • Leverages Artificial Intelligence algorithms to detect and isolate custom-defined patterns.

  • Collects data from various data sources – crime data, census data, social media, traffic & weather data etc.

  • Capable of handling Big Data’s velocity, volume and veracity.

  • Analyze various types of data feeds – real-time streaming & static data.

  • Works off current & evolving data sets in enterprise environments.

  • Comprehensive analytical abilities delivered as a service.

Watch the Presentation

This presentation along with a live demo showcases how police departments can leverage historical and predictive analytics to glean insights about factors that affect crime and develop comprehensive strategies for countering them.
The Big Data Analytics demo in this presentation analyzes & visualizes open crime data made publicly available by the City of Chicago.

Available On

Apache Spark

Based on Open Source Technologies


Leverages Azure Cloud Services

How it works?

Safera is built ground-up for easy setup and customizations. A few configuration steps is all that it takes!

Frequently Asked Questions

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Safera is built ground-up for a quick start to seeing the analytical & predictive dashboards in action. A few configuration steps are all that it takes!

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What’s the team behind Safera?2020-08-08T19:44:05+00:00

The team at ClouDhiti has been running a Big Data and AI consulting company, ThirdEye Data, for 10+ years. ThirdEye builds real-world AI solutions at Big Data scale for customers worldwide. Its client includes Fortune 100 companies as well as typical Silicon Valley startups. The team has honed its skills and gained deep experiences from such a wide variety of customers and technologies base.

The team brought all its real-world experiences and knowledge for building the Safera platform.
You are with good hands here!

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